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HRACRE Executive Mentor Program - Mentor Application


Mentors will have a one-to-one relationship with your Mentee, acting as a personal coach and career advisor, for a minimum of one year.

The responsibility of continuing and maintaining communication with your mentee is theirs. Your role is reactionary: to check your voice mail and email, and when you receive a query for help, to respond.  This is not to say that you should never reach out to your mentee but generally, it is the responsibility of the mentee to drive the relationship and to communicate their needs. Your mentee should feel free to ask you for advice other than professional. Your mentee can benefit from your experiences and knowledge.

Suggested Activities

Following is a wide array of activities and endeavors from which your mentee might benefit.

  1. Especially if your mentee is a college student, ask to see a copy of their professional resume and cover letter. Review them and give feedback or forward it to your hiring manager for the same.
  2. Encourage your mentee to participate in HRACRE functions and introduce him/her to other members of the organization.
  3. Consider covering the cost of registration fees to HRACRE events.  Keep in mind students are not allowed to attend any events where alcohol may be served.
  4. Send your mentee relevant business articles that will broaden their perspective on the business world, as well as encourage them to subscribe to, and read business magazines and journals.
  5. Invite your mentee to shadow you, or an associate, for a few hours or for an entire day.  Nothing is as eye opening as reality.
  6. Involve your mentee in community projects or endeavors in which you have a role.

Download The Full List Of Mentor Guidelines Here


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